Ages Ago

Over een man die iedere avond dezelfde wandeling gaat maken, de berg op en dan onder de boom heerlijk rustig geniet van de maan en de hemel. Waarom is hij zo gelukkig….

There’s a place under the tree upon the hill
Where a mystery lies hidden still
It’s a pretty sight, flowers all around
It has been this way, ages ago

I Heard a story ’bout a man who lived alone
Spare of flesh, nose on the grinding stone
Worn out face, but still a sparkle in his eyes
Strong and wise, ages ago

And when the evening came,
He found his way upon the steepy hill,
And there he sat, and watched the moon glide gently into dawn
Every night the same routine, he returned with a smile
and it stayed a while…..

People wondered what this man was all about
Up the hill he sometimes laughed out loud
He found happiness under the starry sky
As days went by, ages ago

Felicitas, felicitas, fortunatum semper omnibus

But now the years have past
And still the old man’s mystery remains,
What did he find, what made him keep a smile upon his face
The sacred tree revealed that happiness lies in a simple thing
He had everything

Those who seek the way to happiness
On the hill it started a long long time ago

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