Another Life

Dit is een heel dubbel verhaal, aan de ene kant gaat het over alzheimer en dementie, over het verliezen van de verbinding met de realiteit. Van de andere kant gaat het over mijn moeder….

It’s a rainy afternoon
She lets me in and looks at me having coffee with the cake
she used to make
She is trembling when she pours Her tiny hands look old to me
so I quickly look the other way

When I look across the room
a million memories float around The people she has known from another time
Of the things we used to do
she can’t remember anything It’s the same as every other day

When she asks me who I am
she smiles and wipes my tears away I see her strangers’ eyes
but familiar face
Though she tries to understand she’s old and doesn’t know so well Her mind is in another world

Another life, another day, another chance to find her Will she ever be the same again

Now I have to say goodbye
She finally fell asleep again
so I’ll just come back another day

Another life, another day, another chance to find her She will never be the same again

It’s a rainy afternoon
I walk alone, remembering
we will meet again some other way.

Luister hier….

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